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Using Multi-Channel Voting / Surveys

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2018 03:07PM CDT
Note:  This article pertains to Simplified Alerts Advanced

After logging in, click on the Multi-channel voting icon on your home screen.  Or access it though this path:  Home> Engage> Multi-Channel Voting

We see many accounts use this feature for qualitative surveys. Example: 'How did we do?' Reply 1 for great, 2 for OK and 3 for poor.  Results can be tallied and viewed in a graphic report.


Enter a mobile voting keyword

Your voting keyword is what subscribers will be texting in to participate in your mobile voting campaign. Then enter your voting question.

Campaign / Vote:   "What is your favorite color"
  • You have a option to select your new campaign if you wish (though it is not required).
  • Next choose a start date and time and an end date and time. 
  • Set a duration.
  • Enter time zone for your campaign then click create new campaign.
  • The system will reveal a voting choice section. 
  • Select how many voting choices you would like to create.
  • To create a new voting choice click on 'add this' to bring up an 'add voting choice' window (asking you to submit your voting choice and select which distribution list subscriber will be added to). You can either tell the system to auto create a distribution list for you or select a distribution list that already exists.
  • The voting message box is the message that will be sent to your subscriber as soon as they text in your mobile voting keyword.  The additional text box tags on a message at the end of your voting question.
  • Upon typing in a message for your subscriber you will see that the message gets inserted at the end of the voting message.
  • The auto-responder text box is the message that is sent to the recipient, after the recipient text in his or her answer and by checking the late vote message box the system will notify the users that the voting period has ended as soon as your mobile voting campaign has expired.
  • Click create new campaign and you are all set.

You can also see a short video tutorial here:

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